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Mar. 16th, 2010 @ 11:41 am "Hardest Logical riddle ever"
Sam posted this so wanted to give my answer, I figured it out in about 10 minutes, I think this works.  Let me know if there's a situation that doesn't... it's hard to conceptualize all possibilities in your head.

There are three guardians, A, B and C. Their names are Knight, Knave and Chaos. Knight always speaks truly, Knave always lies. Chaos tossed a coin this morning to decide whether today he would behave like Knight or like Knave.
Your task is simple: ask three yes-no questions, each of a single guardian, and determine which is Knight, which is Knave, and which is Chaos. There is, alas, a complication: the guardians understand English but will answer in the local language, in which “Da” means yes and “Ja” means no. Or possibly “Ja” means yes and “Da” means no – you cannot remember.

1.  Ask them first if the sky is blue.  One will answer yes, one will answer no, and one will go either way.
2.  Ask them if "Ja" means "yes."  If "Ja" means yes, then at least two of them will answer the same as the previous question (Knight will say yes to both and knave will say no to both).  If it means no, at least two of them will switch their answers, meaning "Da" means yes. 

Based on this, you should be able to tell who has been lying and who hasn't.  However, because of the Chaos' coin flips, you may have two that have lied both times or two that have told the truth both times.  If two have lied both times then you know who the knight is, so you can ask him if one is the knave and he will answer truthfully.  If they both told the truth, then you can ask the knave if one of the others is a knight and he's going to lie so if he says "yes" then it's the chaos, if "no" then he's the knight.
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Oct. 31st, 2009 @ 11:35 am If you think the government likes providing you with facts...
...think again.  They only want to promote their own agenda:

I haven't looked into his reports or anything, but from the sound of it he was trying to provide tested evidence that included how LSD and Ecstasy are safer than alcohol.  If I had to guess, it's when they are used in controlled fashions (however psychologically, many people end up needing stronger and stronger fixes.  Same can be said for alcohol I suppose).

Anyways, my point is, this sort of backs up my evidence about the government wanting to have scientists manipulate results to suit what is on their agenda.  This is distorting factual evidence, plain and simple.  This is why I don't think it's too infeasible for climatologists that are working directly under government agencies to create models that fit current data that also benefit the government by creating another "problem."  I'm not saying the problem *does not exist,* moreso that it seems there isn't enough evidence (or they  leave out studies that have counter evidence; this includes both sides of the antropological global warming debate) yet they all create models that get the end result the government wants and claim it is evidence.

Bonus: May have been worth firing a guy named David Nutt just for the "Nutt sacked" title.
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Jan. 20th, 2009 @ 04:56 pm My God
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
$170 million for inauguration?  Wow, glad a third of my paycheck is going to good use, just tack that onto my tab of bailing out every industry.
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Nov. 4th, 2008 @ 08:51 am If the other party wins...
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Nov. 3rd, 2008 @ 12:17 am Are you related to that singer guy?
Hahaha, there is an email I got where I need to get access approved for something, and it says if I have any questions to contact Mike Bolton, with his Intel email address having Michael Bolton in it.  I so want to ask him if that's his real name.  Man, I bet that guy gets so much crap because of Office Space.  He probably goes with the "You can just call me Mike" thing all the time too!
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Aug. 10th, 2008 @ 03:39 am Ramblings
Current Location: My cubez

I just realized today that when I move into an apartment, I will not be able to have a grill on the patio.  This annoys me, I was looking forward to buying a nice gas grill and having people over to grill and watch big sports games in HD or something.  I guess a George Foreman will have to work...

Eleni and I went to a Dbacks game on Friday.  They lost.  But their stadium is way way better than the Metrodome.

We went bar golfing after with some people from Intel.  It was fun.  There are 9 different bars on a list, and each bar has a drink that the bar is known for; if you have one of those drinks, you shoot par; if you get 2, you get -1; if you skip a drink, you get +1.  Well, I only went to the first 5 bars, meaning I drank a Long Island, Tequila Sunrise, a smoothie, a shot, and a margarita.  That was the drunkest I've been since last winter break some night when I threw up and passed out on Teresa's bed.  This time I had to have Eleni pull my car over to throw up and passed out on her bed.  When I am displacing my caretaker's from their beds, this is a sign that I've had too much to drink.  No more getting that drunk for a while.

By the way, Mill Avenue (which contains the bar strip near the ASU campus) completely blows away any bar scene in Minneapolis.  Plus, it's accessible year-round without needing to walk in below freezing weather.  It'll probably get a bit chilly in Nov-Jan, but should be fine.  If anyone comes to visit, I shall definitely show this to you.

My Xbox 360 got the red ring of death.  This annoys me.  Luckily, Microsoft is letting me ship/repair for free.  Unluckily, this happens only a couple days before Madden comes out.  Lame.

I might make another post with crazy things that have happened at Intel.  A couple weeks ago, some shower head broke open and was kicking out 1000-1500 gallons per minute.  One emergency response team (ERT) member got a picture of it coming down the stairs, it looks like a waterfall!  Also, I still need a picture, but apparently on Thurs or Fri, another ERT member got a picture of a freaking RATTLESNAKE in the subfab.  This is the level right under where I am always working (our tools are in the fab, but have bottom components down below in the subfab).  Anyways, they managed to get a picture, but didn't manage to CATCH IT.  So basically, I don't think I'll be visiting the subfab any time soon.

I got my Oakley's last week.  I feel so much cooler driving around with them, rather than squinting.

Eleni and I are going to the Grand Canyon next weekend.  I heard that Paul Bunyan was dragging his axe one day and then that made the Grand Canyon.

I'm sort of in the planning stages of a snowboarding trip in the beginning of December with a couple guys I work with.  Pretty pumped.

Because of my start date, I have pro-rated about 10 days off (my weeks are 3-4 days).  I'm taking one off for the Grand Canyon, and probably 3 off for the snowboarding trip, so that still leaves 6 days... enough to take off 2 more 3-day weeks.  I love it.  The group leader told me that they're not strict on vacation time either as long as it's covered, we're supposed to get 5 weeks a year but he said if we go over it's not really a big deal.  Which is pretty sweet.  I'm so not used to taking time off, but getting paid for it is pretty awesome :)

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Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 04:24 am Ahhhhh!

So I finally cracked.  My boycott is over.  I ordered my very first Apple product.  I really dislike Apple, my hatred has manifested ever since 4th grade when we were forced to use the shitty Macs at school.  But, their products are super compatible and their customer service is unrivaled.

After getting my $292 bonus (which was reduced to $170 after taxes, grrr... but still not bad, they give out a profit sharing bonus every 6 months based off how well the company is doing, I got a pro-rated amount for only 1 month (June), so hopefully in January I'll be getting around $2000 pre-tax) I figured I'd finally crack and buy an iPod Classic 80GB.  I was considering buying an iPod Touch but am unsure how much I would use it.  I mainly wanted the iPod for working out and for watching TV episodes during my breaks.  Not to mention, in a few months I'm thinking of getting a surround sound system (once I'm in an apartment), and so many of those systems come with iPod docking stations, which is pretty convenient.

I can't believe my boycott ended.  Next thing I know I'll be eating Subway.

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Jul. 27th, 2008 @ 04:15 am Bash.org boredom
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Jul. 1st, 2008 @ 01:57 am Welp!
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 Well, I am coming back to Minnesota Wednesday through Sunday this week!  And I am thinking Burrito Loco night on Saturday should be in the works.  I know, I know:  "Hey Mark, didn't you just have a going away party at that very same place, you jerk!?!"  Why yes I did.

But you should still come if you can.  I spent a crapload on my plane tickets (I don't know why I picked 4th of July to come home), but basically realized it's way too expensive to come back often.  And it makes the most sense to do it in the summer when I actually have a place to stay and do stuff on the lake (my parents' house) than in the winter, when they're down here and it's freezing up there.  So, for any of you that don't want to eventually do an AZ trip, a Vegas trip or CA trip of some kind where we can meet up, you should come on Saturday, because otherwise I won't prolly won't see you til next summer.

It's weird going from a place where most people are very liberal (U of M) to a place where most people are very conservative (older coworkers at Intel).

I just got my new computer today right before work, but won't have time to put it together until after I come back.

My credit card just expired 2 hours ago.  Dang.
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Jun. 22nd, 2008 @ 04:28 pm See the world, they said!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:


Bookmarked for if I'm ever feeling down.

My faith in humanity is somewhat restored.... or something.

Now I really want to travel.
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